What to expect

What to expect

At the start of our work, we’ll talk about what you’d like to get from counselling. This might be something very specific or it may be more abstract. It’s also fine if you don’t know what you want to achieve or don’t want to work to a specific goal. I want to be as useful to you as possible, so from time to time, we’ll take a look at how you feel our sessions are going.

I’m versatile and responsive and I’ll always work in a way that’s beneficial for you. Often, it’s enough just to talk, to hear yourself out loud and be understood by someone else. If it’s useful to you, we might sometimes work with creative techniques, like drawing or writing, or we might explore how you experience emotion in your body, as well as your mind.

We’ll focus on whatever feels helpful for you. You might wish to explore how your history or childhood affects you, and perhaps question old beliefs or patterns of behaviour. You might need compassionate support, or space to talk about what’s happening for you right now.

I’ll be sensitive to any contextual issues you want to look at, whether they’re day-to-day, existential, political or environmental.

I’ll offer you a safe and confidential setting. I bring my real self to our work and I’ll be alongside you, to notice, reflect, listen, empathise and on occasion, gently challenge.

I will meet you as a whole person; not only your struggles but all that you are.


In Person

I work from New Road Psychotherapy. We have two locations in central Brighton and central Hove. Both locations have excellent transport links, and the rooms are bright and welcoming.


I also offer counselling via Zoom which is safe and effective for therapeutic work.