Pricing, location & FAQ


I offer an initial session free of charge. This will last for up to 50 minutes. 

In this session, I’ll ask you some questions about yourself and your reasons for seeking therapy. I’ll tell you more about what I can offer, and you can ask me any questions about the counselling process or how we might work together.

It’s really important that you find a therapist you feel comfortable with, so this first meeting is a chance for you to decide if I’m a good fit as a counsellor for you.

First session

Your initial session will last 50mins

Free 50mins

Subsequent Sessions

50 minutes, usually at the same time each week

£ 50 / session

Clients bring an infinite variety of issues to counselling; You can talk about anything that’s on your mind (and of course this might vary from week to week).

At the start of our sessions we’ll agree a goal, or therapeutic contract, and we’ll talk about how it would feel and look if you achieved your goal. It might be something really specific and concrete, or it might be more abstract. Every few weeks, we’ll check on how we feel you’re progressing with your goal, and sometimes, after a few sessions, we’ll agree another therapeutic contract. This is one of the ways that we take shared responsibility for our work together, and check that your sessions are helpful for you.

I’m happy to work in an open ended way or to an agreed number of sessions. We’ll talk about this at the start of our work together.

I ask for payment online by the end of the day of your session.

I will continue to offer counselling on Zoom or phone for clients who prefer to work remotely. I’m fully vaccinated which reduces the chances of me passing COVID-19 onto you. If we’re working in person, we’ll maintain social distancing and work with the windows open (even if it’s cold or noisy!).

It’s really important that you work with a counsellor you feel comfortable with, which is why I offer my first session for free and with no obligation to continue. You can ask anything you like about how I work and what I can offer, and most importantly, see if you feel comfortable talking to me.